Oil Changes: Lube, Oil, Filter (LOF)

motul-oil-changeThe Best Oil Changes in Newmarket.  Efficient, Affordable, and Professional Every Time. Regular Oil Changes with Simone Performance’s personal service is the simplest way to maintain your vehicle.

Simone Performance takes responsibility to recycle all oil, filters, and containers appropriately.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Most people change their oil every 5000km or 6000km. Depending on the vehicle some can even be 8000km. The best way to know for sure is to check your manufacturer’s recommendations.

Types of Oil Changes

  • Regular (Mineral) Oil Change
  • High-Mileage Oil Change
  • Synthetic Oil Change

Oil Change FAQs:

QUESTION #1: Can I wait every 3 months or should I get [an oil change] when my mileage is due?

  • Oil breaks down no matter what – if you go over 3 months, oil will break down, it could start to even burn out the tail pipe if you go too long, it can also “mud-up” in the motor [become thick and sticky] – it could actually turn into a “muck”

QUESTION #2: What type of oil should I put in my engine?

  • Always go with what the manufacturer recommends
    Synthetic oils are very good for vehicles with higher mileage
    Synthetic oils can provide better economy/mileage

QUESTION #3: Can I wait longer to change synthetic than with regular oil?

  • The answer is NO
    -The oil will still break down and the engine was not designed for a higher mileage oil

TIP #1: It’s better do to an oil change up in the air rather than a drive through, because you can check the other aspects of the vehicle while it’s in the air

QUESTION #4: How much oil does my engine take?

  • Just had to add 3L of oil to my engine, what do you think is wrong? – went too long between oil changes, may have a problem or a leak,
    Most vehicles only take about 4-4.5L at capacity

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