In the world of racing we all tend to want power, speed and agility. But what comes with all those things is being able to harness them and control your vehicle with immense precision.

Looking for car control can be a very difficult and time consuming process. Setting up the suspension to corner and handle properly can be very difficult if you don’t have a tire that can transfer the power and vehicle movement to the ground.

Introducing Zestino Tires

Zestino Tires has come to play with aggressive tire tread patterns and tire compounds that you can choose to best suit your needs. The tires they have created are already being used in the drift world as well as many time attack and circuit race cars. Zestino tires are proving to be a worthy competitor as they have created so many different compounds to get you gripping the asphalt they way you should!

Aggressive Grip for Drift, Time Attack or Circuit

Tires can make all the difference when it comes to podium or last place, if you have no traction you have no chance! Zestino tires gives you that extra edge with there Japanese designed tires.

Zestino provides new possibilities in the realm of rally racing with the GRAVEL 09R, there highly aggressive CIRCUIT 07S, full slick CIRCUIT 01S and of course the timeless GREDGE 07RR! They have a traction solution for virtually any tire need you may have.

Constantly Adding Innovation to Our Roster

Simone Performance is proud to announce ZESTINO TIRES as the newest high performance tire company added to our roster! We will be putting these tires to the test on and off the track! Stay tuned to Simone Performance’s Facebook page for future updates and reviews as we put these tires through rigorous testing.

Ryan F.
Simone Performance