Preventative Vehicle Maintenance

For the last few blogs and Feature Friday’s, things have been very light but let’s get back to why we’re all here. Vehicle maintenance is something that can not be over looked as for a lot of us. We depend on our vehicles to provide a safe and dependable ride to work, school or even just daily errands.

From time to time I will have a customer come from the dealership or another private shop where they get their cars maintained and customers will drop off their cars with a problem.

Avoid Big Issues with Preventative Vehicle Maintenance

Let’s stop right there, this is already an issue. Yes, I know that there will be problems that will occur that can not be foreseen. But for the most part preventative vehicle maintenance is what we rely on to make sure you don’t walk out the door in the morning to find out your car won’t start because of something simple like a dead battery. If that does happen, usually you need to have your car towed in. Then have the mechanic squeeze you in at some point. Causing you to lose a good chunk of your day.

Have an Inspection Done BEFORE You NEED It

Having your mechanic do an inspection every time your car gets serviced is something you can do to help prevent this from happening to you. Having an inspection can allow your mechanic to give you the heads up if you will need to do a brake job or if your battery is weak BEFORE you need them. If you know ahead of time you know what to expect, you can limit the amount of surprises your car may throw your way. Preventative maintenance is exactly that, preventing a bigger job later that can be avoided by doing a smaller job now.

For example a brake fluid flush could prevent a larger issue.  The small issue could turn into a really expensive job costing the thousands if ignored for too long. This is because a brake line freezing and bursting is extremely dangerous and on the repair side will involve replacing brake lines and sometimes even a master cylinder. In most cases preventative maintenance is cheaper overall than reactive repairs.

To be honest things like this happen all the time. But if we can be aware of what is going on with our cars we can stay on top of the maintenance. And have less break downs and less avoidable problems with our vehicles.

To all the drivers out there, knowing is key. This is the real way to protect your vehicle and your wallet!

Ryan K. Fray
Simone Performance