The Market is Ever Evolving

Every year the aftermarket world tends to push the way we modify our cars by showing us different styles at major car shows and events like the Tokyo Auto Salon, SEMA and many more.

Isn’t it funny how stretched wheels and dumping cars was the hottest thing? Now suddenly everyone wants their cars to be functional and purpose built. Every few years the trends change and what used to be the hottest thing has evolved into something else.

The Aftermarket Has to Adapt to Keep Up

Every time these trends change the aftermarket has to adapt to keep up. What ends up happening is as soon as the trends change there suddenly are new companies trying to get their foot in the game. And we are more then willing to try them out and see what their product quality is like, then weed out the low-quality products.

Our Unbeatable Line Card Says Enough

This is a huge part of what makes us great. By staying true to who we are, we carefully review products from these new companies. By doing this we have successfully developed a line card that you can choose from and will soon be able to choose from on our website and email us looking for pricing and availability.

Stay tuned as we will be updating the website to serve you better, allowing you to get pricing and availability with ease. Even if you are unsure of where you should be looking you will be able to simply send an email with your year make and model to have our performance parts specialist look up your parts and even give you a little run down about that part and the company it’s coming from.

We have always strived to give our customers the best in performance, workmanship, and honesty. Shortly we will be giving you a larger selection of performance parts companies that you can choose from to get your car, SUV or truck the way you want it.

Ryan K. Fray

Simone Performance.