StopTech High Performance Brake Systems

Stoptech has been making some of the best braking equipment that you can get today. Their products are well designed and built, and they have brake materials well formulated to give you the bite you’re looking for.

High Performance in Many Different Configurations

Stoptech’s brake rotors are offered in many different configurations including: slotted, drilled, slotted and drilled and of course blanks. Brake pads from Stoptech come in various compounds depending on your application. These pads are also specially formulated to resist brake fade and give the best possible performance.

Above the Rest: Cryogen Treated Rotors

But what separates them from the rest of the companies that make rotors are their Cryogen treated rotors. These rotors can take much more heat and abuse at the same time resist brake fade and heat retention better then most other brake rotors. The rotors come with a cross-hatched finish on the face to help the brake pads seat in and burnish in properly.

High Quality Street & Track Applications

Stoptech performance brakes are very high quality and created to be an answer to street and track applications. Brakes should always be upgraded when adding power or taking your car to the track. When the time comes to upgrade your brakes, think stopping power. Think Stoptech!

Track Prep Services at Simone Performance

Simone Performance at 200 Mulock Drive in Newmarket has all the essentials for any car enthusiast. Whether you’re taking the car on the track, or just want exceptional daily handling on the roads, we’ve got the parts and the expertise to make your ride the best.

We take going to the track seriously, and offer track-prep services to make sure you’re safe, as well as the other cars on the track with you. We also want to make sure you have the best time out there!  So check it before you wreck it!

Ryan F.

Simone Performance