Spring is here! Finally, we can pull the summer cars out of storage, clean them up and start hitting the roads with our pride and joys.  Often we are asked if there is anything we can do to clean the inside of the engine without taking it apart. The answer is yes!  When we think spring cleaning we think SPECLUBE!

There are some great simple but powerful solutions from SpecLube to get your engine ready for summer.  SpecLube also has a fuel system cleaner and an Engine oil system cleaner. All 3 of these items are well designed to clean your engine while not harming any of the engine’s internal components.

Combustion Chamber Service

The combustion chamber service that we do using the SpecLube cleaner will not only clean the engine but it will de-carbonize the combustion chamber leaving you with a healthier and well-sealed engine. The SpecLube combustion chamber service is a great thing to do at least once a year as this will help to prevent unwanted build up in the engine.

Engine Oil Cleaner – Between or During Oil Changes

SpecLube engine oil cleaner is very strong and effective. This cleaner is very good to use when over-running an oil change interval or even to add to your oil change routine to give your engine the best oil flow possible. Carbon deposits can build up and restrict engine oil flow. Speclubes engine oil cleaner is the perfect solution.

Fuel System Cleaner

The last thing I would like to talk about is SpecLubes Fuel system cleaner, this cleaner is an in-the-tank additive. This means that everything the fuel would naturally pass through on its way to your combustion chamber is going to be cleaned. This fuel cleaner is very strong and very powerful just as with all the SpecLube products the fuel cleaner is well designed additive that works!

Spring Prep & Preventative Maintenance

When it comes to preventative maintenance we trust SpecLube to properly clean and de-carbonize engines that are starting to gum up. Whether it’s the combustion chamber, engine oil system or fuel system, the cleaners provided by SpecLube are made to work and have proven to be a fantastic product.  The cleaners are strong enough to break down hardened carbon deposits yet won’t harm the engine itself. They are turbo safe meaning whatever your vehicle application the cleaners are still safe to be used.

Ryan F.

Simone Performance