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If there is one thing that gets me geared up to make some real power, its when a manufacturer creates a new platform that is not set up to its full potential. What if I told you that this platform was created by Infiniti?

What if I told you that you could have the comfort and luxury of an Infiniti Q60 Red Sport but the power of a GTR?

If you’re willing to build this car you can have a luxury that will boost you into pure bliss! The car I am talking about is the Q60 Red Sport 400. This car is a blast to drive right out of the factory. And has been mentioned to be the Nissan GTR’s little brother but it doesn’t have to be.

Power Without Loosing the Luxury of the Q60 Red Sport

Simone Performance has dedicated months of time and research to learn everything we can to make this car an absolute rocket without ruining the drivability and comfort that makes you buy this car in the first place! Don’t forget the Q60 Silver Sport 300! This is the less powerful version of the Red Sport. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make gobs of power as well. the Silver Sport is a monster waiting to happen as well. The platform is very similar and is very capable of making serious and reliable power.

Building the Q60 Red Sport 400

When we first started to build a Q60 Red Sport 400 we quickly learned that the platform in its factory state does not like to be modified as simple cold air intakes will throw a check engine light causing the car to go into limp mode. After some very hard work and determination we have found a way to get around this and we were able to do intakes, and full high flow exhaust work with tuning and NO ISSUES WHAT SO EVER.

Power Ranges HIGHER than a GTR

The end result was something that we did not expect, power ranges higher then a GTR! We’re not done either – we will be exploring intercoolers and turbo swaps with bigger fuel injectors and pumps. We can’t wait to see what kind of numbers we hit with this new setup! Stay tuned to see what the Q60 Red Sport and Silver Sport are capable of!

Ryan K. Fray

Simone Performance