Often I am asked if there is a way to get more power out of a car without changing any parts. Sometimes it may not be desirable to stray from the OEM parts that work so well together but you want just a little more. There is a solution for this and it’s called “Tuning.”

Off the Shelf Tuning

Some tunes can require parts to be soldered into your factory ECU but what we are looking at is what we call off the shelf tuning, meaning the tune has already been tried and tested to work. Then the tune is loaded on to a device and installed into your car.

Maps for Stock Vehicles & Staged Tunes

When tuning a car with an off the shelf tune there usually is a map for stock vehicles. If you decide to go further, the company you got your tune from may have staged tunes also loaded into the device. Each of the staged tunes usually will require parts to be changed to accommodate the higher power output or even allow you to get to these power levels.

This is a very strict process: if your car does not meet those exact requirements of that tune it should not be used.

I feel that if you are looking for a cost-effective way of making more power and all you wanted was a better calibration and you don’t plan to go any further, then this could be the best way to go! If you do want to go further, you will require aftermarket parts to achieve higher power levels.

Many of the companies that deal with off the shelf tunes will sell their tunes already loaded onto a device that can later be custom tuned on that same device allowing you to make more power if you decide to add parts in the future to make your car faster.

Ryan F.

Simone Performance