Motul engine oil has always been a force to be reckoned with. When it comes to racing, street cars making gobs of power and even daily driven cars that don’t get pushed often, Motul has come up with a recipe for success with all of their engine oil blends.  But not only do they provide us with the ability to keep our car’s engine internals protected and clean but they also make different brake fluid compounds to suit your needs on and off the track.

Motul 8100 & Motul 300V for Performance

Motul engine oil is something we normally stock because often customers with high performance cars will only use Motul oil whether its 8100 or the competition ready 300V.

Motul’s European Specific Blends

This is also very true for European car owners because Motul makes special blends specific to each European manufacturer. Motul oil is properly tested and proven to do everything it was designed to do. They are very open about their oils and their oil specifications, which will help you choose the best oil for your application.

Motul Performance Brake Fluids for Street & Track

What about there brake fluid? Motul brake fluid is also purpose built, they have created fluids to support the OEM replacement fluids as well as their 600 and 660 fluids that can be found in their racing line. The bottles are very well sealed with an easy pour design.

But what really makes their fluids popular is the ability to resist brake fade. There are many different reasons why brakes may fade but we can save that for another day. Motul brake fluid in the 600 and 660 bottles have a much higher boiling point then regular OEM fluids, this is designed to do away with the spongey feel you can get from hot brakes and the fluid itself causing brake fade.

Designed to Perform

Motul is designed to work, designed to performance and designed to further push the limits of what an engine oil can be. Whether it’s engine oil or brake fluid, Motul has always put their best foot forward. Engine oil and brake fluid can effect weather your car survives a race day or not.

Choose the right oil for your application, choose the right fluid for your brakes, choose Motul!

Ryan F.
Simone Performance