Very often I am approached by customers with a G35 or 350Z looking to increase the horsepower their cars put out. Not that they are lacking by any means as stock. But they enjoy their cars so much that the car in stock form turns even the most non-car fanatics into an enthusiast over night! Once that bug is caught it’s hard to shake even if you could bring yourself to try.

Starting With the Intake & Exhaust

The intake and exhaust are usually the first to be modified, mainly because the sound of a vehicle can make it that much for enjoyable to drive day to day. Those modifications usually have a horsepower rating at the flywheel but will almost always leave them with a taste for more this is usually when we can introduce the intake plenum spacer.

Intake Plenum Spacer vs. Intake Manifold

The intake plenum spacer is a fantastic way to increase power all an entire power band! Power you can feel and power you and use. Now I know you may be thinking, why don’t I just buy an intake manifold? You could do that and it’s a great way to go as you will make even more power but brace yourself for a $1000 – $2000 bill for the part itself. For the average build that could be a out of the budget and could be spent in other places to make power as well.

Make More Power with Intake Plenum Spacer

The intake plenum spacer is used to give the engine more intake manifold volume, this will change the power band while increasing power in quite a significant rpm range. This is the reason why many of our customers say it was their favourite modification other than forced induction. The Intake plenum spacer is a cost effective way to make power and enjoy your VQ even more then you do already.

Ryan F.

Simone Performance