Hunter Hawk Eye Elite Laser Alignment

I thought we could touch on something that makes a big difference in the way you enjoy, drive and control your vehicle that is often overlooked or not taken as seriously as it deserves.

Too often do I hear that someone had gotten some work done and their steering wheel is not straight or it’s got a slight pull. Simone Performance has always dedicated itself to having the best equipment possible to provide the best service and results possible. Vehicles that do not get properly aligned end up costing the customer more than it ever should in the long run.

Why Alignment is Important

Vehicles in Canada are exposed to elements that cause alignment adjustments to seize in place, not allowing for a true and proper alignment to be done. Often this is ignored and the front wheels are aligned to a less than straight rear wheel adjustment. This will result in a situation where your front wheels are fighting the rear wheels as it drives down the road causing excessive tire wear even though it may drive straight. To correct the issue the rear alignment adjustments should be replaced and adjusted to OEM specifications, then the front wheels can be properly adjusted to OEM specification.

Alignment Kits

In cases where the vehicle has been modified to have a lower stance or lifted to any height other then OEM there are alignment kits available to still give you the best possible alignment and driving experience.

State of the Art Hunter Hawk Eye Elite – Laser Alignment

Simone Performance has always worked on race cars, lifted trucks, modified street vehicles as well as general everyday vehicles. We use the same technology in every vehicle we use.  Whether it’s a race car or a street car, the equipment we trust and chose to use is the Hunter Hawk Eye Elite. The Hawk Eye Elite allows us to get precision specifications that are required when working on race cars and allows us to minimize tire wear on a daily driven car.

The steps we have taken to give you the best and most accurate job possible wills save you money in the long run and get the best possible performance or handling you can get.

Ryan F.

Simone Performance