Around this time of year, the kids are scrambling around trying to add the finishing touches to their costumes. They transform themselves into a goblin or vampire, maybe even a character from paw patrol depending on the age of your little one. The weather gets colder and rains more frequently, and of course next week there will be a flurry of these little ghouls and goblins exploring the local neighbourhoods in search of candy.

To prepare for Halloween driving, please make sure all of your wiper blades clear the windshield properly and has the washer fluid topped up. Double check all lights and signals, as it is very important that everyone on the streets are able to see you. Its very easy for a young child to get excited and run out into the street to get more candy or maybe they see a friend from school. Making sure your vehicle is giving you the best visibility will make it safe for everyone. I can’t stress this enough.

Beware of Halloween Driving Conditions

It seems that more often than not the weather on Halloween day is rainy and this can cause the roads to be slippery. Please insure your tires are properly maintained and brakes work well. This will insure that if an emergency braking situation is needed you will be able to stop with as much force as possible to avoid collisions or injury to any pedestrians crossing the road. One thing to note is that much of what maintenance is is insuring we put our best foot forward to protect ourselves but also those around us from any possible injury or worse.

Stay safe with these Halloween driving tips.  Drive safe, make sure you can see and others can see you. This will help you have a great experience and allow you to focus on have as much fun as possible with your little ghoul or goblin.

Happy Halloween.

Ryan K. Fray
Simone Performance