Quality, Prestige and Affordability

As the aftermarket technology improves and progresses, companies have tried to compare themselves to the likes of KW suspensions and GReddy. Trying to match the quality, reliability and credibility that follow these names is definitely not an easy task. They are both very well respected in what they do and continue to lead the aftermarket with their unmatched quality and fitment.

Titans Coming Together

Both of these companies have always found a way to set themselves apart from the rest, by creating galvanized shock bodies like KW Suspensions or complete plug and play twin turbo setups from GReddy. These companies are titans in their own respect.  When they come together to create something like a coilover system that can take the abuse of the street with its unpredictable contours and potholes as well as the race tracks which will inject immense amounts of heat into the shock bodies and push the suspension to its limit then I believe it’s time to take notice.

Honest & Transparent

Not only are they collaborating on creating what I believe will be the new standard in coilover suspension systems, they are doing it with no secrets. Truth be told, this is my favourite part! No guessing, no assuming, you want to know springs rates no problem they have these readily available and posted for all to see. You want to know adjustment ranges no problem it too is noted in plain sight.

This makes life for the serious tuner that much easier and this is what builds trust in the product. I really like that they will be coming with top hats as many coilover setups do not. Hopefully they will grow this line into monotube setups and maybe even something with an external dampener for the track fiend weekend warrior or race car that only ever see’s the track!

Regardless of what’s in store for this GReddy/KW line I think it’s safe to say that it will continue to raise the bar in Quality, Prestige and Affordability.

Assistant Manager
Simone Performance