Yes, the summer is over and the snow is on its way. My first thought is always: are my family vehicles ready for the snow? You shouldn’t have to fear breaking down and not having any heat or maybe even sliding off the road.  If you prepare your vehicle by doing a winter safety check and continue to check it frequently, you’ll be more safe on the roads this winter.

First Things First: Check Your Winter Tires

The first thing I would suggest is making sure your winter tires are in good shape. This means no cracks in the rubber, properly inflated and of course lots of tread life to make sure you can handle a winter storm as best as possible.

Check Under the Hood: Belts, Fluids, and Dashboard Maintenance Lights

Next I would have the car properly inspected under the hood to make sure my belts are in great shape and nothing is leaking, fluids need to be topped up and verify that there are no maintenance lights or check engine lights on the dash.

These few things are very important as this is the vehicle we are trusting to get us to work, school, or grandma’s house for Christmas dinner. No matter where you’re going you need to know that your car is ready to take on the worst.

BYO Snow Brush & Stock Up on Washer Fluid

Don’t forget your snow brush and extra washer fluid.  There is nothing worse then going to the mall only to come out and see your car covered in snow and not be able to clean it off. What about those days where you are using your washer fluid to clean off the windshield and that nice spray, is reduced to a sad dribble of washer fluid and you cant see anything.

It’s easy and only takes a few minutes to do a quick winter safety check. Don’t be caught without these simple few steps that can make your winter driving experience easier and safer. Please remember even though you might be on fresh snow tires and feel like your car is in complete control always be on your toes and stay alert.

Stay safe, happy winter driving

R.K Fray

Simone Performance