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Wheels and tires can be a big change when you’re looking for a new setup. Some do it for the look, some do it for the performance. Some do it just because they want wider tires. Whatever your reason is, it’s very important to pick something that will attain a particular characteristic.

Wheels can be the difference between whether or not your car is enjoyable to drive or not!

The Price = The Amount of R&D

When looking for wheels you will notice there are a lot of companies out there, some may be attached a high end price and some not so high. The price of a wheel is usually directly connected to the amount of R&D that went in that wheel and the way they are made. This does not mean that the more expensive the wheel is the more bullet proof the wheel will be.

Enkei – High Performance & Reliable

When looking for a track wheel or track performance wheel my obvious choice is Enkei. They have a line of wheels which are very strong and very light. They don’t cost a fortune and they are reliable. Their wheels are always in style and very functional.

Enkei Racing Line Wheels

Enkei wheels have a racing line that is light weight and very strong. Not only are they known for having a legendary wheel like the RPF1, but they are well known for their racing heritage.

When picking the right wheel for you always keep in mind what you will be using the car for. Enkei wheels has a style of wheel for any style of building. Whether you are running low and slow or fast on the gas, Enkei wheels has you covered.

Ryan F.

Simone Performance