When I think of boost I think of the kind of power that can force you into the seat and force a smile on your face with every PSI. For those of us who crave power, the company I am about to mention is very well known: COBB Tuning.

Tuning Solutions for Turbocharged Vehicles

COBB Tuning has created products that allow you to feel a power increase with each staged map! For majority of the turbocharged vehicles out their Cobb Tuning has a tuning solution for you. Not only are they providing a tuning device with preloaded software but they also have many parts that you can buy to add things like a short throw shifter, solid engine mounts, exhaust systems and turbo’s even front mount intercooler kits!

The Science to Making Power: COBB Accessport

There’s a science to making power, and this can take years to understand or even get quality information on to build a real street missile. COBB Tuning has put together a team to make power a much more simple and achievable thing.

When you buy a COBB Accessport you not only get a tuning device but you will receive an off-the-shelf map that is designed to work with your car and maybe a few aftermarket parts together to make more power.  Some of the Accessport devices come with multiple staged tunes and the capability to add things like launch control, flat foot shifting and many other features.

COBB Accessport & Custom Dyno Tunes

What makes me recommend this product to customers? The simple fact that if you crave more power and have added things further than what Cobb has given you, you can have a custom tune done through the Accessport on a dyno to give your car a proper setup to make more power.  COBB’s software is very powerful and will not limit you to the simple tuning solutions you can get with other software tuning companies.

COBB Beyond Tuning

COBB has many products to transform your car into exactly what you want. Bigger intakes, full exhaust systems, drivetrain upgrades, e85 setups, intercoolers and turbos. COBB Tuning has it all.

If you’re looking for quality parts with real results and of course dyno sheets to prove their power increases than COBB is the way to go.

Ryan F.

Simone Performance