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This is actually one of my favourite times of the year mainly because this is the best time to start getting my performance parts and accessories. Why would this be the best time to start buying parts? Well, for a lot of people out there they don’t drive the car for the winter so if they do the work themselves they can leave it apart while they order more parts. The more things you can get over the winter the harder you can hit the streets in the spring.

Take Your Time to Plan

At this time of the year people tend to take their time ordering parts and make sure they get the right parts to create exactly what they envisioned. We love to work with people and really take the time to explain to them the difference between parts and what they will do for you. At this time of the year many parts suppliers are having sales and giving out deals that they won’t have throughout the rest of the year. Simone Performance has been working very hard to get as many suppliers as we can to provide you with the best price and get that part in your hands the quickest possible.

Consider Time for Manufacturing & Shipping

Some of us are ordering parts that are specific to our car only, like custom wheels from VOSSEN or an HKS Hi-Power exhaust for something rare like a Nissan Skyline. The parts will take a while to be made and sent over so always take that into consideration. Other Brands like Borla, Corsa, Dinan, AFE, Banks, Skunk2 to name a few usually can be had in one day. For all of your building needs whether its just a few parts you need or a lot of parts feel free to call us at (905) 853-1677 or email us at

Bye for now and happy building!

Ryan K. Fray