Build with Purpose - Q60 Red Sport Project Simone Performance

Build with Purpose

Too often I hear that someone’s car is being modified but then once the process is complete the driver no longer enjoys driving their car. The average car enthusiast today doesn’t want a race car they can drive on the street, although I’m sure it sounds enticing!

Most often when things are changed it will come with a positive and negative effect. That’s when it’s up to the owner of the car to weigh those positives and negatives to decide whether or not it’s right for them. Remember nobody can decide what you like other than you.

Start by Completely Understanding the Goals of the Build

We strongly believe that things should be done for a reason and this is why Simone Performance makes sure we completely understand what the customer is looking to do and achieve with each modification. And that they understand any draw backs that must be incurred with that part.

Example: Our Q60 Red Sport Project

There are some cars that are so luxury-based that putting a supercharger or turbo in the car with coilovers and a loud exhaust would simply ruin the intended purpose of the car. This is the exact case with the Q60 Red Sport we have been working with. We have increased the power output in the engine while maintaining the overall driveability and luxury comfort.  And made it so the in cabin noise is well within what would be considered acceptable.

Feel free to check out our previous blog on the Q60 Red Sport, this is truly what building and modifying is all about. Creating something that’s fast, fun with a turn key ready reliability. When modifying your car to represent you please keep in mind that only you can decide what you do or don’t like and only you can decide what is or isn’t acceptable when it comes to your ride quality, reliability and driveability.

Ryan K. Fray