Billy Boat Exhaust for Inifiniti Q60

The Nissan and Infiniti world has been gradually moving toward the sport side. And coming out with the new Q60 Red Sport has pushed the aftermarket to come out with some of the most high-quality parts for this new setup.

Billy Boat has always been known to develop and manufacture very high-quality parts. I was excited to see that they were making something for the new Infiniti Q60 Red Sport, a good friend of mine had said “Ryan I trust you, I want something that sounds good, fits well and is high quality”. Without hesitation I ordered the full cat-back exhaust about a year ago.

The BEST Full Cat-Back Exhaust System for Q60 Red Sport

Still I have yet to see an exhaust system that has the same fit or finish as this exhaust. And the sound is incredible. For all the Q60 Red Sport owners out there if you’re looking for a full cat-back exhaust system this is the one I would highly recommend. It’s not an imitation, it’s not a knock off and it’s not going to fall apart after a year of driving it.

Choosing the Right Exhaust System

When I look for an exhaust system the first thing I look for is the ability to add on to it, which in this case means the ability to add downpipes to the cat-back for more power. The next thing is what the exhaust is made of; I prefer 304 stainless steel but titanium is even better! Lastly I look at the layout of the exhaust: the components and piping sizes.

This exhaust by Billy Boat was exactly what I was looking for. It uses flanges that makes things easy to add lower down pipes to and is well designed.

If you’re looking for a quality exhaust for your car, even if its not a Q60, check out Billy Boat. Quality exhaust systems is what they make and they are well respected for it.

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Ryan K. Fray