afe power bolt on parts

In the quest for power, the easiest way to make power is what is known as bolt on parts. Bolt on parts add power or sound and are also cost effective and headache free.

Advance Flow Engineering (aFe)

Advance Flow Engineering or aFe as they are more commonly known is a fantastic way to achieve power without breaking the bank and without the headache of trying to “make things work.” Advance Flow Engineering makes power packs as well as individual parts that can be purchased to make your car, truck or SUV faster or more powerful.

Seamless Fit & Stunning Finishes

Advance Flow Engineering has made their parts fit seamlessly with their well-crafted parts and stunning finishes. Each part is created with materials built to last. They are well known for making power, tuning devices and even vehicle maintenance care parts. All of their exhaust parts are welded to perfection whether it’s a cat-back exhaust system or a power adding set of headers, the build quality is on point no matter what. Intakes from aFe come in staged packages to suit your needs and fit like no other.

Options for Tons of Makes & Models Including Jeeps

Advance Flow Engineering has covered a wide range of vehicles and has created many performance parts to make these cars faster and more enjoyable to drive. They have really found a way to make driving fun again! If you have a diesel truck, they make something called a scorcher HD which will really bring your truck to life. Jeep enthusiasts seem to never get enough of the upgrade parts and yes, aFe has something for you too. Many of our customers are using aFe Takeda intakes in their G37’s and they love them.

What else can I say about Advance Flow Engineering other then “if your looking for power, aFe is the way to go!” #afepower

Ryan F.

Simone Performance